I don’t want to know how you are
for the sake of trivial small talk.
I want to know what keeps you
up at night and what plagues
your head during the day.

I want to know what you are
adamant on storing away in your
closet of fear, and what you have
been brave enough to face.

I want to know who you were as
a child; what you stood for then,
what you grew to stand for now.

I want to know your wildest hopes
and dreams, especially the ones
you’re too terrified to say out loud.

I want to know the essence of you;
every inch of that fascinating mind,
because you have got to be the most
beautiful person I have ever met. Noor Shiraziefascinated.
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  • Teacher: What are you going to do after college?
  • Senior: I don't know.
  • Teacher: Well what are you passionate about?
  • Senior: I haven't had time to find my passion because I'm too busy preparing for tests/midterms/finals/the AP exam/ACT/SAT and having to write my college entry/scholarship/housing applications. Plus, I have homework.

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Sometimes, just saying that you hate something, and having someone agree with you,can make you fell better about a terrible situation.

The Bad Beginnings

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

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From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people. (via jordancorin)

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